Seminar Tracks

Cultivating the Spiritual Gifts

Pastor Peter Yoon and Pastor Emerson Lin

God has given all of us spiritual fruit and we are responsible to be good stewards of our spiritual gifts. In this track, Pastor Peter and Pastor Emerson invite you to explore your spiritual gifts and to learn how to bless the world and others.


Pastor Phil Chen and Pastor Jason Sato

As Christians, we are called to be made into fishers of men by Jesus. However fishing needs to be taught and practiced. In this track, Pastor Phil and Pastor Jason will instruct you on the fundamentals of evangelism.

Faith in the Workplace

Pastor Charles Choe and Pastor David Yoon

God has called us all to be lights in this world, but when we're in our workplaces, we often find it easier to hide our lights under a bushel. How do we honor God and practice our faith in our vocations? Join Pastor Charles and Pastor David as they share about the intersection of work and faith.

Justice and Reconciliation

Pastor Matt Ro and Pastor Mark Chun

In the journey of the Christian, truth is not negotiable; at the same time, a Christian must be just in mercy. Join Pastor Matt and Pastor Mark and other brothers and sisters as we explore Jesus as the intersection of truth and grace, as well as justice and reconciliation.


Pastor Bruce Yi and Pastor Dave Kwon

As God's royal priesthood, we are all called to be spiritual leaders in some shape or form. But what exactly does it mean to be a spiritual leader? There are many characteristics on what a good leader should be like such as prayerfulness, leading with integrity, showing humility and many others. In this track by Pastor Bruce and Pastor Dave, we will look at some of these characteristics and principles of what makes a God honoring spiritual leader.


Pastor Ryun Chang

The Lord has given us all a commission to go out and make disciples of all nations, but sometimes we can be too selfish or too afraid to heed the Lord’s call. Take this seminar track on missions and learn how to answer the Lord, "here am I, send me.”